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Harmony & Lexi - Love Potion: Part 2

51:24 min - Jul 27 - .MP4 - 3.68 GB - 1920x1080 HD

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Harmony Wonder seduced her stepfather after accidentally casting a love spell on herself, but lately he's been avoiding her. He told her its wrong and that he made a mistake, but she's not going to let the love of her life go that easy! One nigh she sneaks onto his laptop and looks at his porn...threesomes, schoolgirl uniforms and...braces? If daddy likes braces then Harmony knows just the girl. Lexi Lore comes over one day after school and tells Harmony about this "older" college boy she's seeing. Harmony knows just what to do and explains that she has a spell that will make this college boy fall madly in love with Lexi, all she needs is a strand of hair. "Now close you eyes" Harmony tells her and swaps out the college boy's hair for her step daddy's. She makes Lexi repeat the words of the spell "He is all that I want, He is all that I need..." She even gets her to offer herself by having her repeat the obedience mantra in latin. Once the spell is complete Lexi can't stop think about her stepdad so Harmony takes her to see him. POV Tease: They both get on their knees and beg for him to play with them. They beg for him to sneak in Harmony's room after mommy goes to bed. Lexi wants to be his little girl, his little princess. They lick their lips and Lexi teases him with her cute little braces. Soon they're stripping for him and he can't resist. They kiss his neck and whisper in his ear [ASMR] begging to play with them both. POV Bedroom: Later that night daddy joins them and they continue to kiss and whisper in his ear [ASMR] begging to be his little fucktoy, begging to pleasure him. Harmony wants to cast spells on more girls, maybe even get a house so he can be their sorority daddy. I whole house of little girls and one daddy to play with. They take turns sucking his cock as the other tells him all the things they want to do for him, all the other girls they want to bring him. "The whole cheer team daddy" Harmony teases as Lexi licks his mouth. They both kiss him together, licking all over him before they share his cock. The stroke and suck and beg for his cum until he finally pops...but this isn't the end, its just the beginning