Becoming Our Dinner

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You were invited to a dinner party by Little Mina and Galas, but you forgot to bring what they asked... big mistake. Now YOU will be their main course! They shrink you down until you are nothing but a small hen. Once your size is to their liking they rub you down in delicious oils and spices and even stuff you. Mina and Galas are quite hungry and get very excited smelling your tender flesh roast in the oven. They are ravenous once you are done cooking and place you on a serving dish. They devour your whole body. When they are done with you they have lesbian sex with you inside their full bellies being digested! Related Categories: VORE, GIANTESS, EXECUTRIX, TRANSFORMATION FANTASIES, GODDESS WORSHIP Keywords: vore roasting roasted, shrinking fetish, giantess, goddess worship, executrix, transformation fantasies, asian femdom pov, eating, mouth fetish, mind fuck, confrontation humiliation, female domination sci fi, female supremacy, belly fetish, lesbian scissoring Related Categories: TRANSFORMATION FANTASIES, BELLY FETISH, EATING, MOUTH FETISH, SHRINKING FETISH Keywords: vore roast roasting pov, eating mouth fetish, belly fetish, stomach belly tummy, transformation fantasies, shrinking fetish, giantess, girlfriend sandals, lesbian scissoring, cooking high heels, shiny clothing, throat fetish tongue, kissing, pvc-vinyl skirt
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