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Alex Blake & Lily Rader - ASMR Research

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You lay back on your bed as two young cute nurses from the [blank] research center begin their examination. "I’m Alex and this is Lily," little brunette says, "we’ll be running a few test on you to find the right methods for helping you get a good night’s rest. Just lay back and relax while we ask you a few questions" "Do you use your phone or laptop while you’re in bed?" asks the pretty blonde Lily. Their voices are sweet soft and calming, as they continue to ask questions. "Excellent. I think we’re ready to run some tests" Alex says and grabs some objects. "Sound is very important," Lily tells you in her calming voice. "It might need to be a more organic sound" Alex guesses and moves in close to your ear "What about when both ears are stimulated by the sound of our breathing?" Lily follows and soon the sound of their breathing fills your ears, their warm breath on your neck as they whisper. Lily's hand roams onto your chest, gently rubbing as she continues to stimulate your ear. "I feel your breathing getting calmer. Alex, feel his chest" she says to her partner who also caresses your chest now. "It seems your trigger is when you are having a sense of receiving personal attention. Often this feeling will arouse a tingling sensation." "Many of our clients will often tell us about vivid almost lucid dreams they have when receiving personal attention before falling [blank]." Alex tells you as she wraps her leg around yours. "Lucid dreaming allows you to control you dreams and turn them into more rest. When you begin to notice strange things happening, you’ll know you are dreaming and you can make anything happen you want." Lily says as she wraps herself around your other leg. "You can do anything in a lucid dream or even make others do what you want" Alex says and you feel their hands descend down your body to rub your hard cock. "They’re just figments of your imagination. You own everyone inside your dream. They’re your property. They’re servants meant to bring you pleasure." Lily says as she takes out your cock and strokes it. "Just relax and let us take care of you." Alex pleads as she pulls your pants all the way off while Lily continues to kiss you. "We’re going to get your cock nice and wet with spit to test if the sound of slippery fingers stroking you helps you relax." Lily says between kisses as Alex spreads your legs and spits on your cock. "Then we’ll deep throat you so you can hear the sound of our throats as we struggle to breath, which will create even more drool so we can drench both your cock and your balls with our spit." Lily joins Alex as they share your cock, getting it wetter and wetter to make more slippery wet sounds as they make you harder still. They swirl their tongues around the tip of your cock and share kisses with it in their mouth. Each suck and kiss gets them sloppier and sloppier. Lily crawls back up to you ear while Alex continues to suck you off. "I think you need stimulation in both places" Lily whispers, "This just might be what you need every single night if you want a full night’s rest. We’ll need to do more tests to make sure. We’ll need to study you every single night for weeks, months, years even" She grinds against you as Alex's pretty mouth sucks and drools all over your dick. "However long it takes, we’ll study you night and day. We’ll bring in specialist to help use relax you. A team of researchers examining every inch of your body until we find your triggers." You makeout with Lily, kneading her tight ass as she runs her tongue over your lips. "You can cum whenever you want if you think it’ll help you. Just let yourself go. Fill our mouths. Watch it spill out over our little hands. We’ll do anything to help you" Lily kisses down your body as Alex kisses up, "We’ll give you the personal attention you crave, the personal attention you deserve" Alex says her hands rubbing you as Lily gags on your cock behind her. "We’ll wrap out bodies around you to keep you warm. Tomorrow we can try covering ourselves in warm oil and rub you with our entire bodies. Anything you want. Anything you need. This is all for you. You deserve this. You are in control. Just let yourself cum anytime you want and we’ll lovingly rub your body as you fall into the most wonderful rest as you hear the soft wet sounds of our lips kissing you." They continue to share you, kissing and licking you as they beg for your cum. One sucking desperately on your cock as the other moans lovingly in your ear until you cum
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