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Alexa Raye - Trance Therapy

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Alexa wants to quit smoking and thinks a little Trance Therapy might help. She's a little nervous at first but the doctor puts her at ease right away as she looks into light. "You trust me completely" he says. "I trust you completely" she repeats. He explains to her how he's the only person in the world who can help her. "You want my help. You need my help. You're desperate for his help" She gets teary eyed as she realizes how she'll do anything for him. "I want you to dress sexier for me tomorrow" he commands, "when you wake you'll forget all of this but remember it subconsciously" ---- [ASMR - Headphones recommended] Session 2: Alexa is dressed sluttier for her doctor as he puts he into a trance. She wants to give him a lap dance and when she does it'll feel better than the best sex. As she grinds on her master she whispers in his ear how much she loves serving him, how much she loves being his slave. She begs to cum, but he doesn't permit it. Session 3: She's dressed like a little stripper for him as he puts her into a trance. She'll become his office fucktoy. She'll take his calls, book his appointments and most importantly pleasure him whenever he wants. He lays back on his sofa as she sensually pleasures him with her mouth, her tongue ring clicking as she whispers her devotion to him. Promising to make him cum so hard. She licks and sucks and begs until he finally blows his load deep in her mouth. She swallows it all like a good little office fucktoy
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