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ASMR Girlfriend won't let you go to bed

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Miss Bella Brookz

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elob22 Jul 25 2017

Hello Bella, you are very beautiful, I greet you, I only came with the intention of knowing you, since I knew your existence. Are you Peruvian or Brazilian? Many greetings. I offer you something beautiful, nothing bad or obscene, I promise.

Valhalladick Feb 10 2017

No sleep for sure 😍

Trigger Menu: 
1:00 Tease with shirt on/Unzip 
1:50 Lotion on boobs 
2:33 lotion from Boobs to your ears 
3:36 Whisper + massage + heavy breathing 
4:30 Kisses and whispers + breathing 
5:26 ear massage + kiss 
5:55 Ear eating + breathing + kiss sounds (full body view) 
9:19 Sweater stockings + whispers 
10:28 Don't look at me like that ;) 
10:42 Sowing the way with the lotion 
11;30 Lotion on booty 
13:40 Stockings + Whispers 
14:10 Whisper on ears 
14:58 more ear eating + Heavy breathing + Kiss (full body view) 
18:19 Soft song with whispers and Slow tease touching body POV

Backdoor128 Jan 31 2017
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This is one possibly the greatest erotic video I've ever seen. There is truly something unique and incredible about the techniques Bella uses. I felt entirely present & connected with her. I can't stand that feeling when you can tell someone on the other end isn't acting genuine...Not the case here as this is a well-thought masterpiece fusing deep relaxation with deep sexual desires. In my opinion it's the perfect harmony between the two. I won't spoil the video for anyone, but if you find Bella to be as intriguing of a person as I do than look no further when deciding what video to buy first. I'm someone that is more naturally anxious than not, and Bella will lead you to that perfect state of relaxation where your mind shuts off. I love being in that place and I'm compelled to encourage you to go there & experience it for yourself. Thank you Bella for sharing this with us all.

This was a custom ASMRotica video: "bella, i was thinking of a scenario where you did a variety of ASMR triggers but acting like a sexy girlfriend: kisses, mouth sounds, whispers, and heavy breathing are my favorites. A sexy slow tease to this song you use on your camshows *link* at the end could be a good final treat. A where you show as much as you can of your body and put lotion on breasts then turns around and applies it to your butt and shake it a little bit in a playful way.I like it trimmed very low (not shaved!) but you don't have to get fully naked if you don't want but i prefer a natural girlfriend look." Trigger Menu in comments
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Miss Bella Brookz
American / Internet
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