Soft Spoken ASMR Brainwashing Part 2

13:52 min - May 23 - .MP4 - 806.81 MB - 720x1280 HD


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For some reason that you can't explain, you feel compelled to get my second brainwashing clip. Perhaps you are curious about what secrets my soft voice will whisper into your willing ears. Watch just you are getting ready to catch some zzzz's. You will have no memory of this training after...but the powerful finsub training messages will be planted deep into your subconscious, turning you into my financial slave as you rest. First, I take you through a simple breathing exercise, so that you drift into a deep subconscious state. Then I begin to rub my voice and my soft warm fingers all over your mind, for double the melting tingly pleasure. Let me show you what you were always meant to be... Then a slow and steady countdown, counting backwards from 10, to ease you into deep, relaxing finsub dreams. You want to watch. You want to listen. You want to learn how to satisfy Me the only way you can.
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