Just The Tip Closeup & ASMR Dirty Talk

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Israeli / FL
3,230 5.0
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Champagne_P - Top reviewer May 24
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Sexiest video ever! What inspired you to do a just the tip video? I didn’t realize how sexy that is. Loved it so much

Thank you so much! I really love being a tease and the idea of making someone cum just by fucking the tip of their cock was really hot to me.

I start rubbing the tip of your cock on my wet clit while talking about how much I want to feel you inside of me and then I inch just the tip in and fuck my pussy on it. I tease you the whole time just letting you fuck me with the tip of your cock but you don’t mind because it still feels so good. I make myself cum on the tip and you feel my warm pussy pulsing on your cock making you empty a huge load into my pussy. There’s nasty dirty talking through out the whole video as well as really intense pussy sounds. ( the first half of this video is kind of out of focus i’m sorry! )
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