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Great job on your videos! keep up the awesome work!

*THIS WAS A CUSTOM VIDEO ORDER* - Scenario: You are my accountant and I've called an urgent meeting with you, because I am in trouble with the IRS (I've been trying to contact you for ages, but you have been away for a long time and I didn't know where you were). My company has not been able to pay my latest tax bill. I don't know where all the company funds have gone... the company bank account is almost empty... hardly enough in there for a cup of coffee! You enter the room for our meeting and I notice something very different about you since we last met! You've gone from relatively flat chested, prim and proper accountant, to absolute knockout, super sexy, fit as fuck, pumped up, blonde bombshell with the most incredible body, beautiful face and the most perfect, uncontrollable and massive tits I've ever seen! You delicately own up and tell me you cleared the company accounts so you could go for some surgeries and a shopping spree to end all shopping sprees! You needed a whole load of new clothes to contain that new incredible body... and new heels and handbags to go with the new clothes! :-) I'm slightly mad, but I cannot take my eyes off you... You sexily look to convince me this was the best use of my money... using your charms and slowly stripping to show me what I had invested in! :-) Slow Blouse unbuttoning... teasing and showing your cleavage; ... and all that amazing stuff you bring to your videos... Coy, innocent, sexy tease talk as you confess could build into more dirty and dominating talk as you strip and play with yourself, as you realise I am putty in your hands and you have won me over... an endless supply of money will be yours now as I am yours! The video could end as I am getting worked up and you tell me if I want more of you, I need to fill my bank account again and treat you some more... more surgeries... more clothes... more heels and handbags!
Sexual Healing
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