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462 5.0
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chipandmattel - Top reviewer May 15
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Liv Royal OMG so sexy just seeing her! Yeah she will get your there!

CuckyJoe - Top reviewer May 5
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Incredible. Everything about this video fantasy is a massive turn-on. Liv's unbelievable beauty. The bookishness of the setting and her outfit, but combined with her raw lust...not wearing any bra or panties, and letting go of any inhibitions to pleasure herself to orgasm. Quite understandable when reading that particular fiction :-)

And yes, Liv, you can be sure that if I had been there to watch you, I would beg for you to let me lick you clean :-)

This a work of art. Thank you for sharing.

Thank you so much, Joe! So glad you enjoyed! Reading this totally made my day. <3

I started reading Anaïs Nin’s “Little Birds” the other day and it was so dirty, I just had to touch myself. I pretended I was reading it in a library, where anyone might walk by, which made me even more horny. I could hear my neighbors out in the hallway, so I tried my best to be quiet, but at times I couldn’t help myself and gasped and moaned as I pleasured myself. First you’ll see me teasing my pussy over my skirt, massaging my tits through my blouse. Soon I reveal that I’m not wearing panties or a bra, as I slowly unbutton my blouse to reveal my perky nipples for a moment. By then, I’m struggling to control myself, trying to keep myself from cumming as I rub my bare, hairy pussy under my skirt. Seeing my gorgeous pussy as I massage my clit and rub my wetness over my juicy lips will leave you begging to lick me clean.
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