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7,334 5.0
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I loved your gorgeous strip !! ..and then all the super hot `fuckable` moves.

Amazing! One of my favorites :)

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Amazing video! Katy is the sexiest most sensual stripper ever. She moves her perfect body in the most erotic ways and those massive, gravity defying tits steal the show.

In this video I am completely stripperific. I look like what most people think a hot stripper looks like.... super blonde, tan, thin, huge implants, manicured hands, pedicured toes, perfectly made up, and lucite platform heels. I start off out in an incredibly slutty little mini dress made specifically for exotic dancers. My huge fantasy tits are pressed so tight against my little mini dress. I just look so slutty and fuckable. I dance and sway my body in such a mesmerizing way. I eventually make my way out of the dress to reveal my completely nude body. I not only dance in this video but I also do some light pussy play. This video is red hot and an even better deal than a lap dance. Once you buy this video you can watch it as many times as you like!
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