Chastity E-Course: Introduction



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Welcome to the Chastity e-course! I created this e-course simply because I require chastity of all of my submissives, and I find myself answering the same questions over and over when it comes to how I operate and what's expected. THIS IS NOT A COURSE TO BECOME MY PERSONAL SLAVE. Whether you are a submissive or a slave, this course is going to end up a requirement. However, being my chastity slave is only a small fraction of the servitude you could be offering. In this course I will be giving a LOT of information. Why chastity is important, devices vs mental chastity, locking, unlocking, key holding, lifestyle chastity vs chastity for punishment, and more. This will be an MP3 course, but the completion video will be an MP4. Tags: Chastity | Key Holding | Domme | Goddess | Servitude | Slave Training | Submissive | Domination | Femdom | Female Domination | Educational Course | Fetish | Orgasm Control | Orgasm Denial