Divorce Ur Wife, I'm Bored

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You are soooooo bored with your wife. In fact you are so bored of her that the most exciting thing about her is that she makes your home wrecking fetish more intense. She is flat chested and bland looking.. Your wife thinks women who look like me look "ridiculous" and "DUMB" but my looks make you harder than a diamond and you happily empty out your wallet on me. I'm built like a Goddess and laugh all the way to bank with the money you "should" be spending on her. The last nice present you got her was a bag of socks and told her you would take her on vacation when she lost weight. You happily buy me anything and if I said I wanted to go on a vacation with you.... you would refinance your house if you had just to pay for the first class flights and 5 star resort. I'm bored and want to play with you... you should divorce you wife. You don't need her and you especially don't want her. You should indulge your lust and desire to spend and get swept up in your infatuation over me.
Sexual Healing
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