2 Liters of Water Pee Holding

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American / Denver, CO
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jnelson Mar 17
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Not a fan. After conversion I paid like 50 dollars for this clip. If you think she actually drank and held 2 liters think again. She vomits most of the water out and pees for like 5 seconds. The video is overpriced. Avoid.

I'm sorry to hear you did not enjoy the clip, jnelson. Do you feel this video was miscategorized or incorrectly described? Or is it simply the price that deterred you?

I tried to be clear in the description that my stomach couldn't handle the water and that I purged during the recording. I drank all of the water on-screen and the video is completely uncut, so there are no tricks here. I made no claims about how long I spend peeing. While this video was not a good fit for your interests, it may still be suitable for others. Thank you for trying it out. Rose

This is my first time trying pee control. I have two 1-liter bottles of spring water and a kitchen timer. I time how long it takes to consume the waters, then start a stopwatch to count the minutes until I can't control my bladder anymore. In fact, just drinking the waters causes a spasm in my stomach and I go offscreen twice to help settle it (audible). Throughout the entire 75 minute video I am completely naked and speaking very openly in a stream of consciousness manner about the thoughts and physical sensations I am feeling relating to this new peeing experience. I show you my body and share trivia about my tattoos and natural body hair. My big smiles and joyous expressions slowly and steadily give way to confusion and desperation as I struggle to hold myself. I've peed on myself before, but never like this! When I finally give myself permission to urinate, I am surprised that it does not all start flowing right away! I share a realization about piss control before ending the video to clean up the mess I made. This is not shown, but I spent the rest of the afternoon wrapped in a comforter on the couch :) This video is sincere, unscripted, unedited, pure, real, and introspective. || Tags: Mukbang, Pee, Toilet Fetish, Toilet Humiliation, Muscle Control, Bladder Control, Female Desperation, Wet & Messy, WAM
American / Denver, CO
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